Introduction of PERED

Iran is counted as the largest producer of sponge iron based on gas in the world, and various technologies are used with the end of producing this product in the country. In this regard, using the experience of experts and engineers in the field of navigation, repair, and maintenance of HDRI/DRI/HBI plants in numerous projects in Iran and other countries, Mines and Metals Engineering Company (MME) was capable of developing and registering new technology of PERED® in 2006 in Germany, Iran, and other countries. As the first project of this plan was launched in 2017 in Shadegan and following the second, third, and fourth project in Miyaneh, Neyriz, and Baft, this Iranian project’s splendor and authority were manifested.

The technology of PERED® could be designated as an optimized method for the production of sponge iron. Some advantages accompanied the utilization of this new method for sponge iron production compared to the previous methods. Considering the fact that the latest provided technology was in the area of direct revival, it tackled many problems and drawbacks of other technologies and augmented the capabilities of previous technologies, and finally improved the revival process.

In this localized technology, it was possible to produce various products such as sponge iron (Direct Reduced Iron), Hot Briquette Iron (HBI), or HDRI or a combination of them regarding the customer requirements. Natural gas such as Iran’s provincial projects or synthetic gas, such as China’s CSTM project, could also be applied to produce products in PERED® technology. This technology could construct units with an annual capacity of about 300000 tons to 2 million tons of sponge iron (DRI).

At present, since the new technology was innovated and registered by Iranian experts, domestic units would be excluded from paying the membership fee. Iran was able to lead to any changes, capacity increment, and reform without requiring approval from abroad. Moreover, it was facilitated to export this technology abroad, as the direct revival project of PERED® was implemented in China with the help of HBI product.

Advantages of Sponge Iron Production by PERED® Method Compared to Other Methods

A) Allocation of less initial investment as well as increasing the share of domestic investment along with localization of revival technology

B) Improving environmental indices (decline in temperature and a low percentage of pollutant gases in the exhaust gases to the atmosphere

C) Improving energy and consumption indices (decline in water, gas, and electricity consumption per ton of sponge iron production

D) Making use of centrifugal compressors for the first time in direct revival projects in Iran by PERED method instead of positive displacement compressors, which operated fully automatically and led to more latitude, and minimized electricity consumption and investment costs.

E) The capability of accepting a wider range of raw materials with a different analysis, compositions, and sizes as the primary feed of the sponge iron plant

F) Reducing the maintenance and repairs costs (manpower, tools, reducing rotating equipment, reverse installation of the recuperator and the omission of one of the harrows, etc.

G) G- Higher efficiency and performance and the facilitation of operation and homogeneous product using Iranian pellets

In summary, given the importance of reducing energy consumption, especially water, PERED technology was viewed as a strength point for the Iranian steel industry. The prominent advantages of this technology were reducing initial investment, increasing productivity, ‌ lack of need to achieve license from foreign technology owners and the possibility of exporting technology, improving environmental indices, reducing maintenance costs, and increasing in-house production.

The derived results from the implemented plants by PERED® technology indicated that this project could technologically compete with other technologies and exceeded its competitors in terms of performance and gave birth to a new space for exporting technology to other countries.

PERED® is an achievement praised by everyone due to the suitable quality of the produced sponge iron in the first hours of commissioning, the lack of clusters in the initial commissioning, the optimal and easy performance of this technology, and the lower consumption rate than the design index.


Taking a Look at ®PERED Projects in Iran

All 4 provincial projects of sponge iron revival utilizing the PERED method ARE now ready for operation. Shadegan, Miyaneh, Neyriz, and Baft are plans applying the new PERED® technology with the purpose of producing sponge iron. Also, the CSTM PERED project is under implementation in China. It is necessary to mention that engineering and purchasing in China’s PERED project are fulfilled and are now in the installation stage.

At present, via commissioning four provincial direct revival units by PERED® method, good references are provided for this technology. Hence, considering the highly acceptable results and the localized nature of this technology, new markets have been created for MME companies in the country and abroad. In accordance with the policies of resistance economy and protection of Iranian goods and regarding the law of maximum use of services and production capacity and with the aim of observing the needs of the country, senior officials of the country emphasized on using PERED® technology for future plans.

Future Plans

Respecting the successful commissioning of the PERED® project in the 800000 ton plant and the capability of the company’s experts, studies and designs have begun and are being concluded for mega model plants.



Raw Title of tender
1- Rotary conveyor gear motor
2- Rotating conveyor chariot
3- Lighting system
4- Crane Buffer Stop
5- Closed-circuit television (CCTV) system
6- Brush (Current Collector)
7- Feeder Clamp
8- Hydraulic system pipes


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