South Kaveh Steel Steelmaking Plant Project

  • The nominal capacity of the plant: 2 modules of 1200000 tons of billets per year, a total of 2400000 tons per year (phases 1 and 2)
  • 90% sponge iron in addition to 10% scrap
  • Billet size of 120-180 mm, the billet length of 6-12 m
  • Grade Billet: Low, Medium High carbon ASTM1008 to 1095
  • Employer of the plan: South Kaveh Steel
  • Contractors: MME Consortium, Eritek



MME Company, as the technolog of this plan (steelmaking technology), operates in this project. The role and responsibility of MME Company in this project are mentioned in the following:

  • Technolog
  • Process engineering
  • Core Area Engineering-designing equipment and process
  • Designer of industrial wastewater treatment unit and other ancillary facilities
  • Supplier of all foreign parts and equipment
  • Providing specialized services for project installation and implementation
  • Plant commissioning
  • Training employers