About the Company

Introduction to the Company

MME was established in 1996 by Ascotek Holding belonging to IMIDRO in Düsseldorf/Germany, aimed at employing the latest European modern technologies in mine and steel plans and downstream industries and transferring technical knowledge and localization.

In 2000, the MME Company-Tehran Branch was founded with the purpose of fulfilling the engineering affairs for steel and mine industry projects. Mines and Metals Engineering Company is the only Iranian company owning a license for revival units and has a license and the ability to design steel plants completely.

Activities of MME Company

  • Stone and mine plants
  • Iron plants (pelletizing, revival with ®PERED technology and cold briquetting)
  • Steel plant
  • Rolling plant
  • Technology Transfer
  • Design, purchase, and implementation of automation systems
  • Feasibility studies, engineering fulfillment, implementation plan, training, commissioning, and repair of mines and metal plants
  • Preparing the required goods for mines and metal mines
  • Increasing the capacity of existing units
  • Mining engineering

With more than 19 years of activity records in the area of steel, the company intends to provide engineering services, trade, equipment supply, and implementation in dozens of steel projects, including Shadegan steel projects, Neyriz, Miyaneh, Baft, Sepid Dasht, Hormozgan, and South Kaveh. Also, the other achievement of this company is the successful implementation of projects of the “increasing the capacity of existing units”, including Khuzestan Steel.

Design, engineering, and implementation of the sponge iron revival project through the method of ®PERED (Persian Revival) under the license of MME, in addition to domestic projects, is also accomplished in China. Furthermore, Kuwait Steelmaking is known as the other implemented international projects.

Using experienced foreign experts in Basic Design and experienced domestic experts in Detail design and the gradual utilization of high-quality equipment and parts made in-house, besides creating technical and economic competitiveness, give rise to the transfer of technical knowledge localization.

MME Company in the new economic space is ready to provide engineering services, equipment preparation and supply, implementation, technical consulting on new projects, infrastructure development, capacity increment, improvement and updating in the context of mining projects, accumulation, and harvesting and transfer of materials, pelletizing Manufacturing, revival, sponge iron, steelmaking, casting, rolling and other downstream and ancillary industries to whole companies.


Mines and Metals Engineering Company, by exploiting more than 30 years of experience of its experts and engineers in the area of navigation, repair, and maintenance of HBI/DRI/HDRI plants in numerous projects in Iran and other countries, can register new technology of ®PERED in the field of DRI/HDRI. This technology is registered in Iran and Europe, and some of its advantages are addressed as follows:

1) The revival of initial investment

2) High reliability

3) Eco-friendly

4) The revival of high costs of repair and maintenance

5) The revival of the amount of consumptive water in the process

6) High efficiency

7) Commanding technical knowledge

8) Low energy consumption

9) Flexibility in using different ores with different sizes

This technology is highly capable of producing various products such as DRI/HBI/HDRI or a combination of them regarding customer needs. Different gases such as synthetic gas, natural gas, and coal gas can be exploited to produce these products. The capacity of revival units with PERED ® technology is from 400,000 to 2000000 tons per year.

A combination of high experience with engineers and experts and observance of the customer-focused principle are the factors for the MME Company’s achievement to this great success in the registration and implementation of the Iranian revival.