Setareh Simin Hormoz Jumbo /Combo Direct Reduction Plant PERED (HDRI/CDRI/HBI /1.720 MTPY)

Setareh Simin Hormuz  sponge iron factory (SSH) is a special Jumbo Pered® with production capacity of 1.72 million tons per year. This project is under construction by MME in Persian Gulf Mining and Metal Industries Special Economic Zone near Banadar AbbasCity. This Jumbo Pered has been designed with PERED® technology and its products is included in Hot Briquetted sponge iron (HBI), Hot DRI (HDRI) and Cold DRI (CDRI). In addition to the advantages of using PERED® technology, the HDRI production & direct handling to steel making plant capability, will have a significant impact on reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

HBI is a direct reduced iron that compressed into briquettes at a temperature about 600 °C. This product has more density and metallization than cold DRI and is very suitable for export and long term transportations, especially by vessels. The other product, HDRI, is a reduced iron that directly handled to the steelmaking furnace at a temperature of 600 °C. Hot charging reduces about 100 KWh of energy consumption in steelmaking furnaces. This will increase efficiency and at the same time decreases carbon emissions.