CSTM Project

The CSTM project is responsible for engineering, supply, and monitoring the implementation of a direct revival unit of PERED in China, the product of which is HBI. This unit’s capacity is 300000 tons per year and operates with synthetic gas emitted from Coke Oven Gas.

This project involves two major parts: the design of the furnace and its accessories, by MME, and the revival gas supply from Coke Oven Gas by another company in China.

The scope of work of MME Company in this project includes the following items:

  • Process license
  • Performing engineering
  • Provision of equipment
  • Monitoring installation and commissioning
  • Education

Work Progress

This project’s engineering is ended, and the Post-construction equipment is supplied in Iran and shipped to China. The equipment is being installed, and the project’s initiation is programmed by the end of Georgian Year.

This project is characterized as the first Iranian technology export in the field of steel.